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Elegantly Simple Solutions to Complex People Problems
Elegantly Simple Solutions to
Complex People Problems
RRP A$19.99 each PB
My Strong Mind
My Strong Mind
9780648085904      RRP A$15.00 PB
Actually, It IS All About Me
Actually, It IS All About Me
9780995408302       RRP A$22.95 PB
Australian Short Stories No. 66
Australian Short Stories No. 66
9780947087012      RRP A$19.95 PB
Cinnamon Stevens Ghost Light
Cinnamon Stevens Ghost Light
9780646981116      RRP A$17.99 PB
As seen on SBS!
A Hundred Miles as the Crow Flies

After escaping a P.O.W camp with six others, Australian Lance Corporal Ralph Churches went back for his mates, all ninety of them. He got them airlifted to safety from behind German lines. He had help; the Slovene partisans, well organised and committed to ejecting the Germans. These partisans led the P.O.Ws to safety through the hills of Slovenia. A first-hand account of one of the great escapes of WW11, a tale of cunning, patience, incredible luck, courage and generosity.

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