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Life & Love Playbook
With exercises, tasks, prompts and plenty of room to unleash your creativity, the Life & Love Playbook is a spring board to help you dig deep into yourself, identify the areas of your life you love, and work out how you can make constructive changes to the rest of it - with kindness.

This Playbook is certainly not a workbook (because it hopefully won’t feel like work) and is designed to be read in tandem with Life & Love, a breathtakingly honest account of the entrepreneur’s rollercoaster journey.

But here, in the Life & Love Playbook, she turns the spotlight on you!

Art Work
With Just One Suitcase Blind Moses
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COMING SOON from Hinkler Books!
Harriet Clare Pinkie Swear Harriet Clare Boys Beware
Harriet Clare is an amazing book. It makes you want to turn the page and see what happens next... I loved the book, I can't wait for the next one! - Maya, age 8

A visual feast of fun, the Harriet Clare books draw in even the most reluctant of readers with charming illustrations, illustrated text and sketching activities. Harriet also encourages problem-solving, self-understanding and empathy in the reader....more

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Saturday 27 June
BOOK LAUNCH - Captain Matchbox & Beyond

Saturday 27 June
Justin Sheedy will be signing copies of Goodbye Crackernight at Dymocks George Street Sydney.

Monday 10 August
Greg Clancy, author of Hitler's Lost Spy, will be at Mosman Library.

Thursday 2 July
Penny Woodward will be presenting a talk to the members of the Herb Society of Victoria about garlic.

Sunday 23 August
With Just One Suitcase
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