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Ice Storm
Methamphetamine; The Dirty Drug
Christina Stroud (Author) RRP A$30.00 P/B
Publisher: Christina Stroud
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Pub Date: 20161101
BIC: VFJK ISBN: 9780473342395
Category: Coping with drug & alcohol abuse Availability: 1-99
ICE STORM, by Christina Stroud is a step by step recovery program. It is an engaging and a close up look at meth and the problems it causes and how to deal with them. It is a must read if you need strategies and tactics to deal with someone using meth in your life. Christina is a leading expert in methamphetamine recovery and the book comes alive with stories of lasting recovery and hope.
Methamphetamine is the biggest social catastrophe of this generation. We must act now to stop it.
Christina Stroud takes a brave intelligent approach to recovery from meth. She provides information, comfort and hope to those suffering. You will find solid solutions in Ice Storm based on the extraordinary results achieved in her residential recovery centre over the past 15 years.
Within minutes of reading this book you will be engaged by the true life stories of those sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, nurses, lawyers and teachers who fall prey to this dangerous drug and their stories of recovery. Whether you are a user, family, friend, partner or child of someone using this book offers tools and strategies to do something about it.
Christina challenges thinking that prevails and keeps us helpless and provides the steps a user must take for recovery.
Ice Storm will challenge old ways of thinking about drugs, use of meth specifically and makes no excuses.
You will be more informed to help prevent a loved one from using and better equipped if you have a user you must help.
Christina has a hard hitting yet empathic style that will leave you much more aware, inspired and hopeful.
This book will prove the user does not have to be ready, they do not have to hit rock bottom, they are not powerless and why coercive intervention works.
Ice Storm is a complete toolkit for a complete recovery.
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