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I Just Want It To Work!
A Guide to Understanding Digital marketing and Social media for Frustrated Business Owners, Managers and Marketers
Kevin Spiteri (Author) RRP A$24.99 P/B
Publisher: Michael Hanrahan Publishing
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Pub Date: 20170401
BIC: KJS ISBN: 9780648018049
Category: Sales & marketing Availability: 1-99
Are you a business owner, manager or marketer responsible for digital marketing and social media?
Are you frustrated with your efforts to date, or at not knowing the best strategies to implement?
Are you looking to either employ an internal resource to run this function within, or to hire some outside help and would like to better understand how it all works so that you understand enough about it to ask the right questions and ensure you don't get taken for a ride?
Do you just want it all to work?
With digital marketing and social media changing every day it can be very difficult to keep up, and so uninformed business owners, managers and marketers often waste lots of time and money on ineffective strategies. I Just Want it to Work! breaks down digital marketing and social media for people who aren't tech experts, so that you can implement profitable strategies for your business.
Marketing, Digital and Social Media master Kevin Spiteri covers in detail:
* the universal language and purpose of marketing principles when determining digital and social media strategies
* the most common digital and social media problems for businesses
* how to establish digital and social strategies that are aligned with your target audience
* understanding the importance of setting objectives such as brand awareness, lead generation, engagement, building a community, traffic, and more
* how to budget and to calculate return on investment
* the steps involved in developing a successful campaign.
If digital marketing and social media make your head spin, this is the book for you.
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