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I Love Kissing You
Davide Cali (Author), Serge Bloch (Illustrator) RRP A$9.95 H/B
Publisher: Wilkins Farago
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Pub Date: 20080201
BIC: WZG ISBN: 9780980416503
Category: Gift books Availability: 1-99
The most romantic gift book of the year. Created by Davide Cali and Serge Bloch, the award-winning team behind 'The Enemy', this is a celebration of that most pleasurable and romantic human activity: the kiss.
A picture book for grown-ups, 'I Love Kissing You' relates the history of a relationship through its more memorable kisses: from the momentous first kiss to those stolen in the kitchen, on stairs or in elevators, to those in more exotic locations.
Warm, funny and down-to-earth, the book features Serge Bloch's elegantly simple illustrations throughout, and is sumptuously clothbound and jacketed in a special narrow B+ format. This Wilkins Farago edition marks its first publication into English anywhere in the world.
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