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Grow Up!
John S Cheetham (Author) RRP A$26.99 P/B
Publisher: Wilkins Farago
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Pub Date: 20080901
BIC: VFX ISBN: 9780980416510
Category: Advice on parenting Availability: Out of stock
From bestselling author and popular media psychologist John S Cheetham comes a book that will change the way you look at parenting forever. Based on 20 years' experience helping parents and kids solve a wide range of challenges, 'Grow Up!' shows parents how they can help their kids become happy, well-adjusted young adults.
Cheetham's message is simple: you have all the skills you need - provided you remember to be an adult yourself.
His funny, refreshing approach includes case histories that provide real answers to the problems parents face every day, as well as scripts that tell you what to say when your own words fail you.
'Practical, down-to-earth approaches to parenting that really do work' - Michael Edmeades, Psychologist
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