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How Great Leaders are Made!
Rowdy McLean (Author) RRP A$29.95 P/B
Publisher: Creating Synergy
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Pub Date: 20171001
BIC: KJMB ISBN: 9780987099501
Category: Management: leadership & motivation Availability: 100+
A dynamic guide to climbing your leadership mountain. Leadability combines Rowdy's extensive leadership knowledge in the 5 stages of reaching your leadership peak with his 5 stage adventure, climbing the worlds highest freestanding mountain, Mt Kilimanjaro.
Leadability smashes the leadership status quo and offers all leaders a fast and effective approach to building trust, respect, integrity and confidence that becomes the powerful force behind great organisations.
An inspiring step-by-step guide to creating a positive lasting legacy that will endure beyond your lifetime.
Rowdy McLean MBA, FAIM, CSP is an international keynote speaker,
entrepreneur and adventurer. He has spent over 30 years researching the behaviours of and the science behind the world's best leaders and delivering leadership programs to the worlds top companies on 5 different continents
This book should be compulsory reading for anyone with leadership aspirations or those looking to take their leadership to the next level. Leadability is so aligned to everything that Rowdy stands for, both in his professional and personal life. - Peter Baines OAM, Founder and CEO of Hands Across the Water
Rowdy has been working with me on leadership for many years. His message is a simple one that resonates with leaders on all levels. If you wanted a masters degree in leadership, this book would be it! - Anthony Day CEO, Suncorp Insurance
Bold, refreshingly different and relentlessly optimistic. Rowdy is an expert in elevating leadership to new levels. His insight and wisdom helps leaders to think big and break through barriers to becoming the best of the best. - Naomi White, Founder and CEO, Metamorph
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