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The Nile


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One Red Shoe
Karin Gruss (Author), Tobias Krejtschi (Illustrator) RRP A$24.99 H/B
Publisher: Wilkins Farago
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Pub Date: 20140401
BIC: YBC ISBN: 9780987109965
Category: Picture books Availability: 100+
You're about to go to a place where thousands, even millions, of kids live every day.
You're about to enter a war zone.
There's been an attack. Grabbing his camera, a newspaper photographer rushes to the nearest clinic. What he finds there will change the way he thinks forever. Inspired by real events in the Middle East, events you might see any day on the TV news, this groundbreaking and acclaimed picture book for older readers will take you to a place far from comfort and safety.
What could you possibly have in common with the kids who live there?
You're about to find out...
'An ambitious picture book that prompts reflection about the media's depiction of war and its desensitizing effects.' - Jana Sommeregger, Observer
-Appropriate for late primary and secondary readers
-Critically acclaimed in Germany, its country of origin
-Nominated as one of the 5 Most Beautiful Books of 2013 by the German Book Art Foundation
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