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The Nile


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My Father the Great Pirate
Davide Cali (Author), Maurizio A.C. Quarello (Illustrator) RRP A$27.99 H/B
Publisher: Wilkins Farago
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Pub Date: 20140801
BIC: YFB ISBN: 9780987109996
Category: General fiction (Children's / Teenage) Availability: 100+
When I was a child, my father went away.
He came home only once a year, in the summer for two weeks.
He smelled of the sea, my father. That's because he was...
A great pirate.
The amazing stories Dad tells of life with his pirate crew fire up his young son's imagination.
But then, one year, Dad doesn't return home.
Now it's his son's turn to make an amazing journey of his own - to find his father.
Soon he will discover a secret beyond anything he has imagined so far.
From the award-winning creators of The Little Eskimo, and the acclaimed author of
The Bear with the Sword, What is this Thing Called Love? and The Enemy.
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