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How to Write Your Book
Rachael Bermingham (Author) RRP A$29.95 P/B
Publisher: Rachael Bermingham
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Pub Date: 20170601
BIC: CBW ISBN: 9780987302458
Category: Writing & editing guides Availability: 100+
Rachael Bermingham international bestselling author of 4 Ingredients, Savvy and Read My Lips has compiled her vast experience in writing, producing, and creating not only her own books but thousands of other authors titles as well into this brilliantly guided book.
An easy yet comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to write your own book by 10-time bestselling author, Rachael Bermingham.
In How to Write Your Book, Rachael begins with your book idea and walks you through every step needed to finish your manuscript and transform it into an amazing book you can share with the world, and be very proud of!
How to Write Your Book is full of fantastic book industry secrets and information on how to set up your book for bestseller success that most authors never have access to.
In How to Write Your Book, you will be guided through:
* What you need to have in place to write your book
* How to transform your idea and words into a book!
* Self-publishing vs. publishing - what's best for you
* How to effectively schedule your time so you can write
* Overcome writing blocks
* Which book components you will need, and what else you can do to make your book stand out from the crowd
* Writing styles and which one best suits you
* Manuscript drafting and chapter creation
* How the book production process works
* The steps you need to take after your manuscript is finished
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