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#NLD China Business Bites
Daryl Guppy (Author) RRP A$24.95 P/B
Publisher: Major Street Publishing
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Pub Date: 20121206
BIC: ZNLD ISBN: 9780987368249
Category: No Longer Distributed Availability: No longer distributed
A Chinese banquet is a combination of small and diverse flavours that make up the overall impression of the meal. China Bites brings together many small bites to build a larger banquet of China business experience, in areas including:
* Business - It's easy to get it wrong but with just a twist, also easy to get it right.
* People - The diverse mix of expectations, beliefs and practises creates the potential for monumental levels of confusion. Guppy explains how to avoid or manage these confusions.
* Language - Understanding what is meant rather than just what is said is the foundation of smooth Chinese business development. Guppy shows you how to develop this understanding, even if you rely on translators.
* Host and guest - best behaviour for when you are in China and how to exceed Chinese expectations when you are the host in your home country.
Author and successful China businessman, Daryl Guppy, says of China, "You either like it, or hate it. There is no room for indifference." Clearly Guppy loves it and in this book he shares his enthusiasm for, knowledge of, and wisdom about, doing business in China.
Daryl sits on the board of the Australia China Business Council. He provides support for Chief Ministers and Cabinet ministers and has advised Singaporean and Malaysian Chinese businesses on better approaches to working in China. He has deep experience in working in China and writes regular columns for Chinese newspapers, including China Daily and Shanghai Security News. He is the author of The 36 Strategies of the Chinese for Financial Traders.
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