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Empowered for Life
Equipping children to deal with everyday conflict and bullying
Jocelyne Chirnside (Author) RRP A$24.95 P/B
Publisher: Michael Hanrahan Publishing
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Pub Date: 20150901
BIC: VS ISBN: 9780994343321
Category: Self-help & personal development Availability: 1-99
Reduce bullying and help children respond better to everyday conflicts.
Conflict is a part of everyday life in schools, and this conflict can be destructive and disempowering for children, or it can be constructive and empowering. How conflict affects your child largely depends on how they respond to it. Teachers and parents can play a pivotal role in modelling, teaching, encouraging and reinforcing positive responses to conflict.
In Empowered for Life, Jocelyne Chirnside uses her 30 years of teaching experience and 18 years as a specialist Social Emotional Teacher in over 70 state, private and Catholic schools to share expert insight in:
    • the difference between conflict and bullying
    • how to empower children to be resilient
    • practical and easy-to-use skills to resolve conflict
    • how to create positive, productive school and home environments.
This practical and informative book helps schools and parents ensure children have the emotional resilience and skills to cope with a rapidly changing society, and are better positioned to be positive, contributing and fulfilled citizens.
Jocelyne is an author, researcher, speaker, consultant, teacher and parent. She is keen to lead a revolution. She is passionate about seeing children succeed in the most important areas in life - their ability to successfully negotiate life socially and emotionally. To do this she knows the best way is through education and the collaborative efforts of teachers and parents.
Jocelyne takes her programs into rural and city schools to see each child equipped with an understanding of how to be resilient and how to resolve day to day conflicts. The evidence of her work is visible in transformed harmonious schools, improved academic results and happier families in the school community.
Jocelyne is a frequent speaker in conferences and whole school communities and regularly acts in an advisory role to school principals. She lives for the 'light bulb' moments in children and adults.
Jocelyne is the founder of EMPOWERING Life Skills and the creator of the BRIDGE BUILDERS program.
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