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Eat To Cheat Dementia
Ngaire Hobbins (Author) RRP A$29.99 P/B
Publisher: Ngaire Hobbins Publishing
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Pub Date: 20160401
BIC: WBHS ISBN: 9780994344014
Category: Cookery for specific diets & conditions Availability: 100+
In this new book, dietitian Ngaire Hobbins unravels the complex science of nutrition and brain health, presenting it in her trademark engaging and easy-reading style.
Eat To Cheat Dementia covers the latest on what can be done to help prevent cognitive decline and boost brain health. But as well Eat To Cheat Dementia reveals the power of eating to maximise vitality, independence and quality of life for anyone living with a diagnosis of dementia, providing sensible, practical eating solutions for every reader.
If you want to know where the science of eating to maximise brain health is at, this is the book for you. Eat To Cheat Dementia provides an understanding of the immense amount that food can do to benefit your brain as well as your body to help keep cognitive decline at bay.
But as well, if you are living with a dementia diagnosis, or care about someone who is, this book is essential reading. It provides a wealth of information, advice and strategies to help maintain independence and quality in life with enticing, nourishing food, and when additional assistance is required later in the illness, gives sensible, practical solutions for providing food that balances care with sustenance.
Eat To Cheat Dementia is an important book: weight loss and malnutrition are common in dementia and greatly reduce the quality of life in those affected. It helps the reader seeking preventive strategies sort fact from fiction and provides practical, common sense solutions for those living with cognitive decline and dementia.
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