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Fight Fire with Fire
Dean S. Hawkins (Author) RRP A$24.95 P/B
Publisher: Michael Hanrahan Publishing
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Pub Date: 20151201
BIC: VS ISBN: 9780994468994
Category: Self-help & personal development Availability: Out of stock
Are you achieving what you set out to?
Do you have a good reason to get out of bed every day?
Are you meeting your own expectations?
Fight Fire with Fire is for those who want to make real changes in their life, not just talk about it. It's for those with self-doubt, who are scared to put themselves out there. This book provides the spark and the mechanisms to help you go from self-doubt to self-confidence, from procrastination to action, using the tried-and-proven planning and systems that make our Fire Departments so successful at what they do. After all - they can't take a day off, ever.
You can use these strategies to help you:
    • lose weight
    • gain self-confidence
    • find a new job or get better at your current job
    • start or complete study
    • beat an addiction
    • become a fitter and healthier you
    • overcome any behaviours or obstacles that are stopping you from reaching your goals.
We live in an age of unprecedented opportunity. If you have a plan, ambition and commitment you can achieve great things, regardless of where you started out. It's up to you to carve out your place, to know when to change course, and to know how to stay productive and committed. To do those things well you need to cultivate a deep understanding of yourself and set a game plan in place - not only for what your strengths and weaknesses are but also how to operate day to day, how you prepare, what your values are, and where you can make the ultimate changes.
If not now, when? If not you, who?
About Dean Hawkins
Raised in difficult circumstances, Dean Hawkins was a single-minded kid who learnt how to survive in a tough environment and how to be resilient. He became a decorated Fire Officer with over 30 years in emergency response and management, from the Fire Department to running a successful risk and emergency advisory and training business. Dean is now a prominent author and entertaining keynote speaker, who finds humour in most situations, and remains always grounded. He is insanely curious by nature and enjoys doing new things and the challenge of the journey.
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