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Five Steps to Creative Marketing
How to sell more stuff, get more customers, and gain more media coverage
Kebrasca King (Author) RRP A$19.95 P/B
Publisher: Michael Hanrahan Publishing
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Pub Date: 20160701
BIC: KJS ISBN: 9780994509895
Category: Sales & marketing Availability: 1-99
All across the world, marketing and sales people are trying to answer three main questions.
* How do I sell more products this quarter?
* How are we going to increase our customers this year?
* How can we gain more media coverage with this product?
With so many marketing options to choose from, you are often left wondering if you've chosen the right approach or whether your hard earned money is actually going to give you the results you truly want.
Creative marketing is about getting back to basics, looking at what works and how best to apply it in your business today. It's a step by step approach put into simple English so that you can start making the changes you need today.
Kebrasca King is a marketing expert, author, entrepreneur and co-founder of King Creative Media - Docklands' #1 Marketing Company.
He arrived in Australia with nothing more than $5k, a suitcase and a dream. He now operates a leading agency working with clients from all over the world.
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