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Behind The Wheel
Photographs from the Australian Road
RRP A$39.95 H/B
Publisher: The Worldwide Publishing Empire
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Pub Date: 20171001
BIC: AJC ISBN: 9780994569219
Category: Photographs: collections Availability: 1-99
Behind the Wheel: Photographs from the Australian road features over 200 colour photos from 46 award winning and widely-published Australian photographers.
The book is a visual journey like no other. It takes the reader through Australia's cities and suburbs, its rural towns and remote outback with photographs that are beautiful, bold, breathtaking, and sometimes bizarre.
All the iconic Australian roadside scenery is assembled in this one captivating book: spectacular roads, charming old towns, rustic bridges, historic service stations, unusual roadside attractions, humorous road signs and genuine Australian characters and their iconic cars.
A perfect Christmas or birthday gift, Behind the Wheel will appeal to people who love travelling, people who love camping, people who love iconic cars, people who love rural and remote Australia, people who love photography, and tourists who've experienced the Australian road.
Behind the Wheel also features four short essays on life on the Australian road by four highly respected writers.
Behind the Wheel is beautifully designed, with meticulous attention paid to each page's photograph/s flowing into the next, giving the book the feel of being one long delightful drive.
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