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Good + Well
25 World Experts Share Their Secrets to Wellbeing
Gillian Fish (Author) RRP A$29.95 P/B
Publisher: The Messenger Group
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Pub Date: 20161201
BIC: VF ISBN: 9780995352612
Category: Family & health Availability: 100+
How to control the odds of getting cancer and heart disease
Three keys to maintain your libido
Why how you eat can reduce how much you eat
Which brain nutrients can help to also reduce physical disease
Four keys to help children live happier and healthier lives
Multi-faceted natural therapies to achieve overall wellbeing
Food fallacies to avoid
"Gone are the days where we got sick and expected the doctor to heal us. Today we have the power and knowledge to be far more proactive about our health. This is what lifestyle medicine is all about. While we can't prevent every ailment and serious disease can strike the healthiest person, there is much we can do to dramatically reduce our risk, while at the same time boosting our vitality to allow us to get the most from life. This inspiring collection of interviews with health experts in diverse fields from neuroscience to holistic practitioners takes us on a trip through the thoughts, theories and science of what we currently know. It makes for a fascinating read." Dr Joanna McMillan - Nutrition Scientist, Dietitian & Media Health Presenter
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