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Personal Best
Transform Your Life by Thinking like an Athlete
Josh Black (Author) RRP A$29.95 P/B
Publisher: 247X Publishing
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Pub Date: 20170701
BIC: VS ISBN: 9780995395602
Category: Self-help & personal development Availability: 100+
We are living beneath our potential, allowing our doubts and anxieties to close us within an ever-tightening circle of possibility. We are too willing to accept things as they are. Though we might daydream about things as they might be, we do less than we could to realize our potential, to live the life that is available to us if only we will reach out and take it. Personal Best will help you unlock your potential by pointing you towards the kind of mental strengths that drive the performance of some of the world's greatest athletes. Those seeking to improve their personal, professional, or athletic outcomes can adopt these habits. The 10 championship virtues, which cover everything from tenacity and dedication to love and belief, are the mental (not physical) qualities. We make them not a part of our lives but of ourselves. These qualities power elite-level performance, and they can power change in your life. Through exceptional storytelling and practical lessons, Josh Black will guide you towards your own transformative trigger moment. The profiles of courage and endurance contained in this book move from the elation of victory to the agony of defeat, and they will provide you with the tools you need to both face and overcome life's seemingly insurmountable obstacles on the way to spectacular success.
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