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An autobiography of a 1-year-old
Matthew O'Sullivan (Author), Mollie O'Sullivan (Illustrator), Charlotte O'Sullivan (Illustrator) RRP A$12.99 P/B
Publisher: Matthew O'Sullivan
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Pub Date: 20171201
BIC: YBC ISBN: 9781642044416
Category: Picture books Availability: 100+
'I was born a pig. But isn't that everyone's story.'
Wilma's first birthday party is approaching and a lot has happened in her very short life. She was born a pig, and sure, you might think, what could a pig's life possibly have in store for me? The answer could surprise you.
Filled with the marvellous philosophy and wisdom of a pig, Wilma guides you through her first year of life. From a pig farm to a home in the suburbs, join her on her journey to tv and internet stardom and all that has happened along the way.
The best part is that it's all true.
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