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The Nile


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It's My Pond
Claire Garralon (Author) RRP A$24.95 H/B
Publisher: Book Island
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Pub Date: 20170101
BIC: YBC ISBN: 9781911496021
Category: Picture books Availability: 100+
What happens when you want something so badly that you forget why you wanted it in the first place? Join yellow duck, white duck, red duck - ducks of every colour - as they discover how much more fun their pond is when they stop worrying about who owns it, and start sharing and playing in it together instead. Until a hippopotomus appears...
A sweet and funny story about the importance of equality and sharing
- Vibrant illustrations use bold colours and simple shapes to keep the story's positive message fun and easy to understand
- A great way to encourage children to actively consider how they interact with the objects and people around them
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