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A Celebration
RRP A$19.95 H/B
Publisher: Reader's Digest
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Pub Date: 20140601
BIC: HBJM ISBN: 9781922083982
Category: Australasian & Pacific history Availability: Out of stock
Australia is an upbeat, quirky and sometimes humorous look at Australia and Australians - the land, its people and its wildlife - and what we value about our past that makes us proud now. Records, statistics, key dates, essential facts and achievements are presented in charts and lists, and supplemented by surprising information and intriguing stories about the people who shaped our nation - the famous and the infamous. Fact spreads give thumbnail basics of topics such as prime ministers, buildings and classic Australian films. 'Then and now' spreads, which are largely pictorial. Throughout are poems and pertinent quotes. Photographic spreads highlight landscapes and wildlife. This engaging celebration of Australia is both an almanac and photographic record, the words and pictures coming together to create a vibrant picture of the country in which we live.
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