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Damien's Off-shoot
Yalmact Swillirs (Author) RRP A$29.95 P/B
Publisher: Busybird Publishing
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Pub Date: 20150601
BIC: FM ISBN: 9781925260526
Category: Fantasy Availability: 1-99
All actions have consequences but some outcomes are far more devastating than others. After recruiting Damien to help dissolve the Fynian crown, things did not exactly go as the Alliance had hoped.
With both Sophie and Ken's thrones now vacant, an adversary - like none other - rises from within the Alliance and stands against them. This powerful nemesis effortlessly slaughters their most ferocious and deadliest warriors.
Suddenly, disassembling the Alliance and restoring the Treaty is the least of everyone's concerns. Each faery now has a decision to make. Stand and fight, or bow down to a new king.
Damien's Off-shoot is the third, most gruesome and ghoulish, installment of the Fynian Fable.

Prepare yourself for a journey riddled with shocking deaths, astounding bravery and an unexpected ending.
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