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A-Z Aussie Slang Dictionary
The 'true blue' A-Z dictionary
Elly Cridland (Author) RRP A$17.95 P/B
Publisher: MarZocco Consultancy
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Pub Date: 20160701
BIC: WHL ISBN: 9781925367508
Category: Slang & dialect humour Availability: On order
Bursting with over 1000 definitions, the Aussie Slang Dictionary is a fun and easy way to grasp Australia's varied language.
You'll never be lost for words with this collection of colourful sayings. From 'aerial ping-pong' (AFL) to 'on the wrong tram' (to be following the wrong train of thought) and finishing up with some verbal diarrhoea (never-ending blather), your mind will be brimming with useful (and not so useful!) sayings for your next run-in with a true Aussie character.
Learn to decipher, speak and enjoy the ever-changing and continually expanding Australian language with this great dictionary compiled by Elly Cridland.
Selling points:
Popular with foreigners and Australians alike
Great for souvenir shops and airports
A best seller with travellers
An entertaining and fun read for all ages
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