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The Tale of Desmond Dog
Sarah Brennan (Author), Harry Harrison (Illustrator) RRP A$14.99 P/B
Publisher: Auspicious Times
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Pub Date: 20180101
BIC: YBC ISBN: 9789881609885
Category: Picture books Availability: 1-99
It's 1810, and infamous pirate queen Ching Shih and her Red Flags are terrorizing the South China Sea. Enter Desmond Dog, hero of the fishing village of Hong Kong! He's noble, honest and kind, and loves to help others. But he's also strong, daring and brave, with an excellent nose... in fact, he has the makings of an excellent pirate! Will Desmond be lured into a life of crime? And what will become of Ching Shih and her crew? Find out in this exciting tale of trickery, temptation...and treasure!
Another funny and fabulous Chinese Calendar Tale due out just in time for the Year of the Dog (2018)
"Definitely a book for the family treasure trove. Sarah's delightful rhyme tells a captivating story of how a faithful dog saves Hong Kong from the evil pirate queen Ching Shih, and Harry's images are jam-packed as usual with interesting visual nuggets to capture kids' attention!" Susan Ramsay, Editor, Young Post
"Brave, honest, and loyal - that's Desmond Dog. But can he say no to the beautiful but greedy pirate Ching Shih and her ruthless Red Flags, as they pillage and plunder their way across the South China Sea? Find out as you sail into the Year of the Dog with another winner from Sarah Brennan and Harry Harrison. They're back with one more Chinese Calendar Tale, and this time they're in Hong Kong!" John Carroll, Professor of History, University of Hong Kong
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