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Upcoming events for The Vine Bleeds author, J.M. Yates.

Based on a true story, set in Melbourne, this book spans fifty years from the 1940s to the end of the 20th century. The trauma of domestic violence, experienced during Jenny and David's childhood impacts the life choices both siblings make. Inspired by true events, it illustrates what happens is not as important as what we do about it.

My 80 year old mother in law just read this amazing book. For an “oldie” who usually falls asleep reading, her words “I just couldnt put The Vine Bleeds down”. She was gripped by Jennys story and the cruelty inflicted by her father. She was so impressed with how Jenny went on to pursue her dreams and make a great life filled with love for her husband and daughters.

October 2      Speaker Manningham Rotary.
October 26     Speaker at EDVOS (Eastern Domestic Violence Outreach Service) AGM .
November 25    Speaker at Bayside Libraries for White Ribbon Day.

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The Vine Bleeds

September 2017

Upcoming appearances for Eloise Emmett, author of the Gourmand Award-Winning Seafood Everyday Cookbook.

Saturday 23 September Dinner at Bangor Shed- Dunalley
Saturday 7 October SAVE THE DATE - The Long Picnic at Port Arthur Historic site
Saturday 20 October In conjunction with Meat your Beef Farm Tours King Island.
The Tasmanian Pantry Cookbook Dinner at The Boat Shed King Island

Please CLICK HERE to visit Eloise's website for all details.
Seafood Everyday

The Tasmanian Pantry book

Thursday 28 September 2017

Andrew Bennetts, author of The Mess We're In Managing the Refugee Crisis, will be speaking at the Kew Rotary Club

Detailing the issues of the global refugee crisis is easy, finding a workable solution is not. The global refugee crisis is not simple and must be thoroughly understood in order to find the best way forward. The future of billions of people rest on how the world responds. The Mess We're In - Managing the Refugee Crisis is a resource to better understand all aspects of the global refugee situation and what options are available to best help refugees. It uses a management consulting approach, common in business, to structure and review the refugee situation.

Please CLICK HERE to find out more.
The Mess We're In

Friday 29 September 2017

Join Elizabeth Fleetwood for the launch of A Crying in the Wind.

Elizabeth has written a novel that spans 200 years and four families and tells a story of genocide, invasion, displacement, transportation and the ghosts of the past. An essential story, from voices not often heard.

A big saga tracing its people through two centuries of Island life … fascinating, and well-informed by in-depth historical research.”
– Henry Reynolds.

Fullers Bookshop. Tickets are free but booking is essential as places may be limited.

Please CLICK HERE for details.
A Crying in the Wind

Thursday 12 October 2017

Sydney launch of Zena Shapter's Towards White.

6.30pm at Harry Hartog Warringah Mall, NSW.

They know what's going to happen to you... after you die. Scientists in Iceland think they've figured out one of our greatest mysteries - where the electrical energy in our brains goes after we die. According to the laws of physics, one form of energy must always become another form. So the electrical energy in our brains and nervous system can't simply disappear... When ex-lawyer Becky Dales travels to Iceland to track down her missing brother, she doesn't care about the groundbreaking discoveries, or the positive-thinking practiced by the Icelanders - she just wants her brother back. Having stumbled on something she thinks the Icelandic government wants covered up, Becky must piece together the answers fast... before she becomes a victim herself.

Please CLICK HERE for details.
Towards White

Saturday 14 October 2017

Book Launch of E.M. Miller's No Freedom for the Heart.

2.30pm at Oakleigh Library, Victoria.

Through the eyes of this author, we are given glimpses into family life in the 1950s in Australia. Migrant families bore the brunt of racism while their children struggled to reach adulthood caught between two cultures. A fine novel, EM Miller gets right to the heart of loss, love and familial obligations.

Please CLICK HERE for details.
No Freedom for the Heart

Saturday 14 October 2017

Sue Liu, author of Accidental Aid Worker, will be conducting a Self-publishing Workshop.

9am – 4pm at Annandale Community Centre - 79 Johnston Street, Annandale, NSW

Get business aware and marketing savvy at the Author Profile, Brand, Marketing and Self Publishing Essentials Workshop.

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Accidental Aid Worker

Saturday 14 October 2017

Flame Tip author Karenlee Thompson will be at Strathpine Library, QLD.

Karenlee shares how she secured a Foreword by the high-profile and controversial owner of Tasmania’s Museum of New and Old Art, through some humorous correspondences. Karenlee also chats about her bushfire experiences, interesting research titbits and anecdotes for the writer’s world.

Please CLICK HERE for details.
Flame Tip

Sunday 15 October 2017

The Forensic Nutrition Workshop - Special Event with Author & Practitioner Fiona Tuck at Nature Care College, St Leonards, NSW.

The Forensic Nutritionist
book is perfect for anyone wanting to take better care of their health and those looking to use food as a means of preventive medicine. It is also a wonderful clinical education resource for natural therapists.

Please CLICK HERE for details.
The Forensic Nutritionalist

Wednesday 18 October 2017

Launch of Karen Andrew's new book Trust the Process 101 Tips on Writing and Creativity

At Readings Carlton.

Further details to follow.
Trust the Process
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