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The Tainted Trial of Farah Jama
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In the style of literary non-fiction comes a compelling, true story that will appeal to mystery, crime and "CSI" aficionados and anyone interested in justice for all in the midst of cultural diversity. In 2008, 21-year-old Somali, Farah Jama was sentenced to six years behind bars for the rape of a middle-aged woman as she lay unconscious in a Melbourne nightclub.

Throughout the trial Jama had maintained his innocence against the accusations he committed such a predatory, heinous crime.

Nearly 18 months after Jama's incarceration, his conviction was overturned when a mother's profound faith in her son's innocence, a prosecutor's tenacious pursuit of truth and justice and a defence lawyer's belief in his client, brought forth revelations that overturned one of the worst miscarriages of justice in Victorian legal more
From Dennis -"It is one of the best!"

Carrots and Jaffas Lessons of a Lac
Carrots and Jaffas Lessons of a Lac
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Berbay Publishing has been shortlisted for the 2014 BOP - Bologna Prize for Best Children's Publishers of the Year!
The Sunlit Zone

CONGRATULATIONS to Lisa Jacobson & Five Islands Press!

The Sunlit Zone has won the John Bray Poetry Award at the Adelaide Festival Awards for Literature 2014.
The Sunlit Zone A moving elegy of love and loss, admirable for its narrative sweep and the family dynamic that drives it. A risk-taking work of rare, imaginative power .... read more
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